Cape Classic 2019 - 2

On 21 September 2019, 7.30 pm there will be a Cape Classic concert in Bad Kissingen / Germany with the Trio Présence (Berlin) Please click

Cape Classic 2019 - 1

On 11 May 2019, 7.30 pm was the first of two Cape Classic concerts in 2019 in Bad Kissingen / Germany. This was a concert with the Haydn Ensemble Wiesbaden Please click

A video message by Prince Ludwig of Bavaria. patron of this concert
(in German) Please click
- Camera: Max Kronawitter. Copyright: Ikarus Filmproduktion

You can read a newspaper review (Saale Zeitung) about this concert Please click

Cape Classic 2020

Preview Please click

Donation 2019

Photos of the handing over of donations in April 2019:
- 32 000 Rand to the Swellendam Bursary Fund

- 48 000 Rand to Prochorus (Kayamandi / Stellenbosch)
- 48 000 to the Jamestown Sounds Project (Stellenbosch)

You can read more about the relation betwee Cape Classic and this Fund

Cape Classic 2018 - 2

Cape Classic offered a recital with lieder by Franz Schubert - Lieder von Abschied und Reise - by the tenor Christoph Prégardien and the pianist Michael Gees on 22 September 2018, 7:30 pm, in Bad Kissingen, Germany please click

Michael Gees & Christoph Prégardien, Bad Kissingen

> Photos Mandy Straub Bitte klicken

Cape Classic 2018 - 1

On 25 May 2018, 7.30 pm, was the first of two Cape Classic concerts in 2018 in Bad Kissingen, Germany. The Acelga Wind Quintet played.


Donations 2017

A few photos of the handing over of the donations 40.000 + 24.000 Rand) to the Jamestown Sounds Project (Stellenbosch) and the Swellendam Bursary Fund, November 2017

Cape Classic 2017

Treasures from Franconia from Mozart's time

23 September 2017, Bad Kissingen (Germany)


To see the official concert programme please click at the picture

Cape-Classic bis jetzt

Cape Classic: more than 83.000 euro donations for projects for children

Fight against the forces of cancer instead of Cape Classic 2016

Instead of organising and performing wonderful concerts of Chamber Music in South Africa in 2016, we need to concentrate all our energy at home in Germany on fighting against the cancer of my husband at the moment and in 2016, unfortunately

Cape Classic 2015

- Photos of 2015 concerts
- Photos of a school concert by Cape Classic artists in the township Kayamandi (Stellenbosch)
- Interview with Gabi Zahn by Fine Music Radio Cape Town (6 Febr. '15)

Flyer Cape Classic 2015

The Cape Classic programme 2015 in one click

Greeting / topicals from the 2015 programme book
Please click:

Many thanks to our 2015 Maezenen:
Dr. Diana Hofmann und Dr. Christian Hofmann;
Dirk und Annelie Puschendorf;
Thomas Moser, who had no chance to attend our concert, unfortunately Maezen

Cape Classic 2014

In 2014 Cape Classic celebrated a special birthday: its tenth anniversary. The festival was from 12 to 22 February

Donations 2015

The handing over of in total 100.000 Rand for the noted Cape Classical social projects took place in October, this time by Irma Albers:

Photo: Joshua Buhrmann

Donations 2014

Kayamandi, 10.2014

A photo (made by Trevor Wilkins & Ashleigh de Villiers) on the occasion of the handing over of donations on 23 October 2014 to the
- Jamestown Sounds Project and
- Greater Stellenbosch Development Trust / Kayamandi,
both in Stellenbosch

A photo of the third handing over in 2014, where chairman Basil May received a donation for the Swellendam Bursary Fund:

Gabi Zahn & Basil May

Photos of the handing over of the proceeds of Cape Classic 2013 to the Greater Stellenbosch Development Trust Stellenbosch / Kayamandi, 22.11.2013 Please click

The donations from the proceeds of the Cape Classic 2011 and 2012 concerts were presented to:
- the Weber Gedenk Primary School: the "Jamestown Sounds Project", a private initiative by students of the Stellenbosch Conservatory to teach music in this school in the township Jamestown (Stellenbosch),
- the Greater Stellenbosch Development Trust (township Kayamandi)

Photos of the handing over of the donations 2011 (10 November 2011) link
Photos of the handing over of the donations 2010 link